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New Oui has landed! ❤.

                        It’s that time of year again. Scrumptious new styles are finding their way to our store in the hope of finding your doting arms. Then finally finishing their journey safe in your wardrobe.     Oui have provided us with some particularly tempting styles this season. In today’s … Continue reading

Summer Cocktail Recipes

Summer is here! Now summer is upon us and as we all we know the British weather is so unpredictable so its good to have the ability to pull something special out the bag as soon as the moment strikes. Last minute BBQ’s are part of my summer ritual and nothing goes better with a bbq in the sunshine than … Continue reading

Who’s wearing Supergas

 A Superga Look!   Our new line of Superga shoes are the latest addition to our stunning range of clothing brands. This gives a great opportunity to show their growing popularity within the celebrity world. Names include Katie Holmes, Ferne Cotton, Alexa Chung, and the stunning Kate Middleton. They have all found a love for Supergas and are a great … Continue reading

Longing for Summer’s heat……

    Taste the Rainbow!   Its not the best of weather right now, here in the UK, temperatures lagging behind for early May but don’t despair, the weather will break. We all long for warm Summer evenings with a glass of wine in our own garden relaxed or spent with friends, and once the sun does shine we all … Continue reading

What are you doing this Easter break?

            My favorite time of the year, ‘Easter’ new beginnings and new life that’s what it signifies to me and quality time spent with friends and family of course…… We live in a great location in Nottinghamshire and there are many wonderful places to visit, if its simply to have a leisurely walk with your … Continue reading

Lauren Vidal. Your perfect holiday wardrobe.

      It’s that time of year again, the sun has made an appearance and it’s got us all thinking about hot holidays abroad. Whether your planning a fiery trip to the Caribbean, a cultural peruse around the Mediterranean, or an exotic adventure to Hawaii; we all desire that perfect holiday wardrobe. Something that’s easy to pack without worry … Continue reading

Spoil her this Mothers Day!

        Mother’s Day gift ideas…..   Its that time of the year again when we show our appreciation and love for everything they do unconditionally for us ‘Mothers Day’. Our Mothers are incredibly important and we must and do cherish them, sometimes we perhaps take them for granted but on this special day we can show our … Continue reading

Delicious Lean Chicken Curry

            Healthy and tasty….. Its that time of the year again, when we will all be thinking about our Summer wardrobes and with the warmer Spring days only just around the corner, our health also comes into view _ our body shape _  figures _being the main focus as we de-robe a few of those … Continue reading

Why we love Sandwich_!

                    Here at Shirt Sleeves Sandwich_ has now been a resident brand for four whole years.  It first showcased itself at Shirt Sleeves back in 2013 and we were very excited for it’s future here with us! We are pleased to say we love the brand as much if not more than the day it … Continue reading

Streamline your wardrobe ready for Spring!

                 “There are few things more stress-inducing than a messy and cluttered wardrobe. Our clothes closets are often one of the first things we see in the morning, which means that many of us are feeling completely overwhelmed before we’ve even had our breakfast! But the good news is that, just as an … Continue reading