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“Black Friday” uncovered as an urban myth!












The infamous “Black Friday” has become here in the UK a yearly occurrence and us Brits have taken to it with huge enthusiasm and lets be honest who wouldn`t!  A win win situation for both the retailer and clientele, with gigantic discounts across the board, a real shoppers delight!

Many people assume the term “Black Friday” comes from the massive shopping day, the day after Thanksgiving in Amercia, that puts retailers back in the black.

However the term can be traced to the frustration of factory managers in the 1950s, and that of Philadelphia traffic police in the 1960s.

The rebranded term referring to retailers turning a profit didn’t appear until the 1980s.


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So it first became attached to the big post-Thanksgiving shopping rush in the early 1960s in Philadelphia when the police who had to deal with all of the traffic headaches thought that that was just the worst day that they had to deal with!

A dark day no doubt for the American traffic cops but its historically recorded further back than that, a researcher has actually turned up a mention ofBlack Friday“around a decade before in a journal about factory mangement. The Friday after Thanksgiving was notorious for absenteeism thus the factory managers would refer to it as Black Friday”

A quote from an issue of factory Mangement and Maintanance reads – Friday after Thanksgiving it is a disease second to the bubonic plaque in its effects. “

Not all retailers though were actually that happy with the term “Black Friday” understandably so as it does generate an image of negativity. It has been associated with notorious days right back to the 18th century. Even financial panics are labelled to the term from the 19th century. Positive more up beat names were put forward like “Big Friday”, however the phrase prevailed and by the 80`s it was given a brand new explanation. Stores in Amercia turning a profit and going back into the black!

You could say then that this misleading term or misunderstanding or even better evolution of what “Black Friday” actually means could be known as aetymythology. A term meaning an urban myth! A word we do not really use or can for that matter in my case, even pronouce, but none the less quite impressive!

We all love a good myth it produces intrigue and excitement and in a full circle, in real life terms thats exactly what “Black Friday” is to many today!


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