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10 facts about St George!










This Thursday sees the arrival of St Georges day 23rd April in our calander. More and more these events are becoming extremely popular and are given a commercial boost. Thinking about England and its traditions are a way of preserving our history, this got me thinking that I`d like to know more about Saint George and his origins.


We all connect him with dragon slaying and the stories behind that are somewhat mystical wouldn’t you agree? However there are a lot of facts surrounding Saint George that actually really surprised me……..

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 10 Facts about St George.


  1. He was born in Eastern Turkey ( in Cappadocia) in AD 270.
  2. Therefore he was not even English.
  3. Very unlikely that he ever visited England.
  4. Even more unlikely that he slayed a dragon, sadly this is fictitious.
  5. His parents were Christians.
  6. He became a Roman soldier at the age of seventeen and was renowned for his bravery.
  7. Protested against the Romans persecution of Christians and served under a Pagan Emperor.
  8. The Emperor then went on to imprison and torture him but he stayed true to his faith.
  9. Sadly he was beheaded at Lydda in Palestine on 23rd April 303.
  10. He is also patron saint of the Scouts, soldiers, cavalry, chivalry, farmers, field workers, riders, saddlers and he helped people suffering with leprosy, plague and syphilis.

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 A few other interesting facts!

  • In 1222 the council of Oxford declared April 23rd to be St Georges day and replaced St Edmund the Martyr as England’s patron saint in the 14th century.
  • In 1415 April 23rd was made a national feast day.
  • Shakespeare was born on 23rd April in 1564 and died on the same day in 1616.


Well even though we do not celebrate St Georges Day to the same extent nowadays, it not being a bank holiday in the UK, it is still part of our history.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my brief facts on St George and I wish you all a `HAPPY ST GEORGES DAY` from us all here at Shirtsleeves.







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