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Sing a song of sixpence!












Christmas is just around the corner and preparations are beginning to take place in homes all around the world, there are many traditions associated with this festive time but one of my favorites is the sixpence in your Christmas pudding. Never having been fortunate enough to find it in my portion of pie when I was a child but the anticipation was always immense…….


The giving principle goes right back to the Three Kings and Jesus with the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, and its been recorded that it was an old age custom to put coins in the Christmas pudding and can be dated back as far as 1300’s when a dried pea or bean was even used before the silver farthing.

The sixpence was actually taken out of circulation back in 1971 but still the tradition has continued,the modern equivalent of a six pence is the five pence piece.

PicMonkey Collage8

Tradition has it that the finder of the sixpence will be lucky and experience wealth and good luck and fortune in the forthcoming year so its understandable why this has continued to be popular.

I personally was always afraid I must confuse though of actually not locating the coin and swallowing it by mistake……


This coming Sunday was the last Sunday before advent and families would gather together and all help in the mixing of the pudding and stir in different ingredients and the magical sixpence. It was known as ‘Stir up Sunday’

PicMonkey Collage11Stir up Sunday!


So this Sunday maybe you will not be sharing the experience with your whole family but why not get started on a Christmas cake or pudding, I’ve put a link to a wonderful recipe for you to try out, so lets impress our family and friends with our baking skills and share some good food and joy this coming Christmas. >>>>>>>>>>



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