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All new resident- Alembika, just in!








Here at Shirt Sleeves we have just welcomed all new range Alembika to our family of wonderful designer brands ! Innovative, unique, vibrant, lavish, cutting edge; but that’s just what we think !  Here’s what designer Hargar Alembik has to say !…

“We stay true to a changing world, fusing shapes and silhouettes with an urban flair. i use form, color and texture to create movement and vitality so you can feel comfortable in combinations that reflect personal character and mood. My goal is to keep creating new, yet timeless, designs that enable you to walk with confidence, presence and poise.

I am inspired by urban colors and shapes, city structures, dramatic compositions and by the outstanding nature around us. I am inspired by women who are not afraid to make new statements. Women who are daring. A wrap draped on a new angle, unexpected combination of fabrics, patterns or clasps that offer the wearer comfort, humor and fashion confidence.

I am inspired by you!”


“We shape our clothes thereafter they shape us” we couldn’t agree more with this comment from Alembika ! This range is a range that has to be seen, to be worn, to be styled. The old “it looks better on” is paramount with this brand. So take it off the hanger, get dressed and strut your stuff.


“Your real power in this new world lies in the opportunity to choose what is right for you”. Alembika encapsulate the new era. Women empowering women to be who they want to be; achieving what they want to achieve.


By using beautiful vivid colours, opulent fabrics and ingenious pattern shapes Alembika “offer you fashion that treats your body with respect. Fashion that covers it with love.
Fashion that is therapeutic for body and soul.”

The wide variety of shapes and designs from Alembika mean there is something to suit each and everyone of us. Alembika say-“feel comfortable with your body. Not the body you’re working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have. The one you have right now.”

“Today in a postmodern world there is no such thing as “acceptable” or “unacceptable”
There is only a multiplicity of choices.” We love the uniqueness of this brand the, the choice to be different is choice indeed.

We hope you are as excited and inspired by this new collection as we are ! Purchase online today or see in-store ! >

Jessica ❤.



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