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Animal Art

Autumnal trends.   We are all in the throws of Summer and its wonderful and these warm light hearted days give us that feeling of well being, so just around the corner from this is Autumn with its beautiful colours and textures. Just as Summer fashion gives us carefree fresh colours and floaty fabric , Autumn gives us a wonderful depth of feeling too with texture and this Autumn animal art prints are in abundance. There is the usual popular leopard print but also this new season an attractive snake... Read More


NEW Sandwich_ is here !

                      It’s that time of year again glorious new Spring collections grace our store and Sandwich_’s  recent mission to experience more happiness is most definitely achieved with this vibrant range. Sandwich_ say “Happiness is contagious- Sharing happiness means twice the beautiful moments, twice the good memories and twice the sparkle in your life”.”Just as the positive vibes radiated by the women in the campaign, the pieces complement each other seamlessly – from shape to print, and from texture to stitching.”... Read More


Better sleep Guide

Our Need for Sleep   We can’t survive without sleep but so many of us don’t get enough or good quality sleep….. In today’s fast paced lifestyle there is a tendency towards stress,to many stimulants and not enough downtime and this has a huge impact on our capacity to sleep as it can interfere with the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates the sleep cycle and helps the internal body clock, without enough being produced we don’t regulate properly and hence don’t feel tired, ready for bed or sleep as well……... Read More


How walking benefits your Health……..

      Getting out into nature.   It’s that time of the year when its dark in the morning and evenings, maybe not the most inspiring time to get out walking but the benefits of walking in general outweigh the darkness by actually helping to stimulate the mind from getting the early morning light and fresh air…… Weight Bearing Exercise Walking is a weight bearing exercise that helps with numerous things including helping to keep the mind in the present moment and all of these physical benefits listed below……..... Read More


Luxurious Gift Ideas

Inspiration…… Time passes so quickly and before you know it, we are at that time of the year again, Christmas! Shopping for the perfect present to give isn’t always easy and with every passing year we are all looking for something different to surprise our loved ones with. With that in mind I have complied some of my favorite accessories from  Giving you a head start on the Xmas madness shopping rush and so therefore you can spend more time doing the things you love with family friends and... Read More


Introducing our new friend Mamma b.

                          We are very excited to introduce new brand Mamma b to Shirt Sleeves. Here is what Mamma b have to say about their brand… “Mama b was founded in 2008 from the desire to convey emotions through its products and create a certain form of wellbeing for its customers when wearing them. A notable feature of Mama b, and the jewel in its crown, is that it is Made in Italy. Our garments are designed and made... Read More


All new for you. PENNY BLACK.

                      We have a new resident here joining our Shirt Sleeves family and we are so excited to introduce her to you. Penny Black is coming to Shirt Sleeves to make her debut for the first time this fall – 2018. The collection is full of unique, luxurious, innovative pieces that are sure to get your fashion taste buds tantalizing.  We feel sure Penny Black is a brand you’ll adore to wear and love treating yourself to time and time... Read More

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Summer Essential Must Haves…..

Keep Calm and Shop.     Summer’s here at last and we can all take a sigh of relief and enjoy the warmer weather, with it though comes the panic of making sure you have all the right clothes to wear, don’t despair, I have a list of all the Summer essentials you will require whether its for a much awaited holiday or simply for home.     Hero Tee. This striking pearl embellished top from Oui clothing would give you an edge of distinct chic and add a look... Read More

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All new resident- Alembika, just in!

              Here at Shirt Sleeves we have just welcomed all new range Alembika to our family of wonderful designer brands ! Innovative, unique, vibrant, lavish, cutting edge; but that’s just what we think !  Here’s what designer Hargar Alembik has to say !… “We stay true to a changing world, fusing shapes and silhouettes with an urban flair. i use form, color and texture to create movement and vitality so you can feel comfortable in combinations that reflect personal character and mood. My goal is... Read More


New exclusive Superga’s! Here now !

                        It’s that time of year again. Time to free your feet from those cumbersome Winter boots and slip into something a little more comfy ! Stunning new Spring styles have arrived from Superga and they are more tempting than ever before (yes that is possible) ! Unique, on trend and still the high standard of quality we can always rely on from Superga. After all they are ‘The people’s shoes of Italy’. Here’s a glimpse at our all... Read More