November 2014


“Black Friday” uncovered as an urban myth!

                      The infamous “Black Friday” has become here in the UK a yearly occurrence and us Brits have taken to it with huge enthusiasm and lets be honest who wouldn`t!  A win win situation for both the retailer and clientele, with gigantic discounts across the board, a real shoppers delight! Many people assume the term “Black Friday” comes from the massive shopping day, the day after Thanksgiving in Amercia, that puts retailers back in the black. However the term can... Read More


New Sandwich_ ! Exciting free gift.

                              This week we introduce our two new ranges from Sandwich_ a lovely lipstick red range and a beautiful teal range conclude Sandwich’s stunning Autumn/Winter collections. Unique vintage prints along with unusual colour combinations encapsulate the feel of Sandwich’s final rages. Crafted in the best quality fabrics these pieces are simply irresistible. Whether it be a casual soft cotton vest or a stand out cardigan these collections offer an extensive range of luxury garments. This lipstick... Read More


The Little Black Dress.

                      As the Winter months approach us and the festivities are on the horizon we all seem to land ourselves with the odd party invite or two. From time to time we all worry that we won’t be dressed appropriately for the occasion and find ourselves in a tantalizing tizz over what to wear! However, we need not fret as our answer to all your concerns is simply a ‘little black dress’! Below we plan to give you our very own little guide as to how... Read More