February 2015


An insight into the life of ‘A postcard from Brighton’

                    Yesterday I was privileged to meet with both Lainey and Mark, designer and founder of the brand ‘A postcard from Brighton’. Over coffee at Cafe’ amore. I interviewed the duo to get the answers we are all dieing to know about this fabulous new British brand! 1.Q- When was the brand established? A – “4 years ago. ” 2.Q- Who was the founder of the brand ? A -“Both myself and Mark. We met through a mutual friend in fashion,... Read More


Be my Valentine!

                     Why do we celebrate Valentines?   It is Valentines day on Tuesday and as you share cards of love and presents with your loved ones just remember these origins of this time old celebration. It has been shown to have ties back to as long ago as the third century in Rome, there were three reported Catholic Priests named Valentine in the reign of Emperor Claudis. One was reported as being sentenced to death for continuing to perform forbidden marriages.... Read More


More Masai Madame?

                      “Masai Clothing Company was founded in 1992 by the brother and sister Nina Rye and Hans Rye. Today, the clothing is retailed by more than 1200 independent fashion shops and department stores in 25 countries and by 16 concept stores, 12 in Denmark and 4 in Sweden. Masai design and market clothing for the adult and fashion-conscious woman, who prefers a relaxed and individual style. The interesting and varied silhouettes together with the many high-quality fabrics give the exact... Read More