Celebrity Fashions.

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Who’s wearing Supergas

 A Superga Look!   Our new line of Superga shoes are the latest addition to our stunning range of clothing brands. This gives a great opportunity to show their growing popularity within the celebrity world. Names include Katie Holmes, Ferne Cotton, Alexa Chung, and the stunning Kate Middleton. They have all found a love for Supergas and are a great way to jazz up casual looks. This particular brand have found a great way to mix comfort and style without loosing that element of class.  I wanted to show a... Read More


Celebrity Winter Style

Celebrity Style Inspiration      As we all know fashion and style is a big part of our lives. Fashion trends are changing all the time and its hard to keep track. It puts our minds at ease to know that we can look to our favorite fashionistas for inspiration. As the seasons change we are always looking for new ways to spruce up our wardrobes and keep up with the latest looks. Winter will soon be upon us and adding a new coat to the collection is a great... Read More


Do you want to look like a celebrity ?

                      In our day to day life we are exposed to the celebrity lifestyle, forever admiring the outfits their stylists dress them in, wishing we could look that fabulous. However fear not we have a lovely little line up of our favourite outfits, worn by our favourite celebrities. Matching these with garments from the fabulous ‘inwear’ range we stock here at Shirt Sleeves. We have 7 celebrity looks that will have you looking and feeling like a star in no... Read More