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Delicious Lean Chicken Curry

            Healthy and tasty….. Its that time of the year again, when we will all be thinking about our Summer wardrobes and with the warmer Spring days only just around the corner, our health also comes into view _ our body shape _  figures _being the main focus as we de-robe a few of those Winter jumpers!! So with that thought in mind I would like to share one of my favorite lean recipes which I serve up at least once a week to my... Read More

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Indulgent chocolate xmas delights!

      Extravagance in taste…. Well I do absolutely adore chocolate be it good or bad for me and there is never a better time to indulge into its divine creamy deep dark taste than at the festive yuletide celebrations. After all once January has arrived and we are all following our New Years resolutions there won’t be a minute spare to think of delicious, dangerous delights of chocolate desert. So to start off the the proceedings I have chosen a classic Christmas log oozing with fresh cream and... Read More


Are you healthy living?

                        Thinking about our Waistline!   Spring is just around the corner and we can at last bare some of our bodies to the world. For some of you this might not be something you look forward to because, lets face it, we are not getting any younger and over the Winter months its so incredibly easy to eat all the wrong things and perhaps put on a few extra unwanted pounds. Do not despair because I have some... Read More


Just the receipe………

My ideal January treat!   Its those dark days of January and we are all feeling somewhat under key, we could do with a pick me up of some kind, whether its a treat of a day out, shopping, a simple walk with the dog to blow away those cobwebs or something delicioius to eat, these cold days warrant a pleasure. We all remember our favourite Winter dish from childhood, it could have been one our Grandmother cooked and was then brought down as a tradition through the family, either... Read More


Birthday Baking.

  October hosted several Birthdays for our Shirt Sleeves team and Birthdays mean one thing in our eyes…CAKE ! 🙂 Exciting!!! *the diet starts Monday they say* 😉 So here at Shirt Sleeves we thought we would share a few of our baking secrets with you (don’t fret, nothing too extravagant, we aren’t claiming we’re the next Mary Berry). Simply, a few suggestions to spruce up your sandwich cake.     Birthday 1. Jayne D. Cake – Rasberry Suprise. Ingredients (per cake): 6oz. sugar. 6oz. margarine. 6oz.self raising flour. 2... Read More