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What’s your Summertime track?

      Summer playlist!   Its that time of the year when we are thinking about relaxing, school is nearly out and we are all getting ready for our much needed deserved Summer break. Music always helps relaxation and what better way to get in the holiday mood and frame of mind than thinking about your favourite Summertime tracks…… Our playlist…… Coming in at number one is…….. Alan’s favourite! Summertime by Janis Joplin.   Number two suggested by Henry and I am thinking this is now my Summertime song…..... Read More


Our favourite Christmas playlist

                Christmas tunes! Music is incredibly mood changing, it evokes memories both good and bad and none more so than at Christmas….. Having worked in retail for nearly 30 years now I’ve perhaps heard the repeat of many famous festive tunes more than most of you but still I can never wait to get the Christmas classic songs airing in the shop and at home getting all of us in that merry festive mood……… I’ve asked all of us here at Shirtsleeves and... Read More