How walking benefits your Health……..

      Getting out into nature.   It’s that time of the year when its dark in the morning and evenings, maybe not the most inspiring time to get out walking but the benefits of walking in general outweigh the darkness by actually helping to stimulate the mind from getting the early morning light and fresh air…… Weight Bearing Exercise Walking is a weight bearing exercise that helps with numerous things including helping to keep the mind in the present moment and all of these physical benefits listed below……..... Read More

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Nutritious and Delicious Smoothies!

Immune boosting Treats.   Autumn is well and truly here and with it comes the cooler days, Winters just around the corner and this is always a time to boost our health to improve our immunity. For me its a way of life now to opt for the healthy option and I’m always looking for different ways to achieve my five a day, so when I recently received a Nutribullet as a present I was very excited to get started on nutritious and not forgetting delicious smoothies…….. Its a fantastic... Read More


5 Foods For Better Skin!

Eat Your Way To Better Skin     As we all know what we eat plays a huge part in our lives more so now than ever as it is more wide spread about the importance of eating healthily. I think its very important to take note of what you eat, as it  impacts your health and well being tremendously. Eating a healthy balanced diet is beneficial in so many ways. I thought that i would share some interesting information about targeting specific things with food and how their nutritional... Read More


5 Alternative health remedies

                    Homeopathy. Alternative health is most definitely on the increase, it doesn’t go without its controversies and a lot of people are none believers and consider it all a nonsense, the placebo effect. I on the other hand am a firm believer and have over the years used many homeopathic remedies which have been remarkable in their results. We are all entitled to our own opinions and I in no way am trying to push my experiences and ideas on to... Read More


Are you healthy living?

                        Thinking about our Waistline!   Spring is just around the corner and we can at last bare some of our bodies to the world. For some of you this might not be something you look forward to because, lets face it, we are not getting any younger and over the Winter months its so incredibly easy to eat all the wrong things and perhaps put on a few extra unwanted pounds. Do not despair because I have some... Read More