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Summer Cocktail Recipes

Summer is here! Now summer is upon us and as we all we know the British weather is so unpredictable so its good to have the ability to pull something special out the bag as soon as the moment strikes. Last minute BBQ’s are part of my summer ritual and nothing goes better with a bbq in the sunshine than a ice cold cocktail. Here are a few quick recipes that anyone can wizz up in no time at all. Apple Prosecco Punch Delicious apple juice with a splash of... Read More

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Delicious Lean Chicken Curry

            Healthy and tasty….. Its that time of the year again, when we will all be thinking about our Summer wardrobes and with the warmer Spring days only just around the corner, our health also comes into view _ our body shape _  figures _being the main focus as we de-robe a few of those Winter jumpers!! So with that thought in mind I would like to share one of my favorite lean recipes which I serve up at least once a week to my... Read More

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Whats your favourite soup?

          Winter Warmers!   Well it seems as if Autumn is in full swing with Winter not far behind. One of the few things I do love about the cooler days though,is having delicious soup for lunch , warming and nutritious and so easy to make and why not freeze some for future meals! So I got to thinking about my favorite soups and that of all of us here at Shirtsleeves. I have therefore compiled our top six with links to the full recipes if... Read More

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Gorgeous gooseberry!

            Autumn’s delights! Summer is nearly over and the long days are converting to longer nights and dark evenings, we reap all the fruits of the Summer in my favorite season Autumn. As a child we had a plum tree, gooseberry bush and my father grew many other fruits from strawberries, tomatoes and various vegetables all giving us the fun of picking and washing the produce all ready for my mother to make delicious jams, sauces, cakes and many other recipes! This got me reminiscing... Read More

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Healthy Spring recipe ideas

                Super foods! Spring is on the horizon and  I hear you sigh with relief, with it comes the opportunity to shed some of our layers both material in the way of clothes but also to think about our bodies and perhaps rid ourselves of a few unwanted pounds! There is no better way than to start with addressing our diet and nutrition. Exercise is absolutely a key area too, but that can be covered in a later discussion, just for today I’m... Read More

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Indulgent chocolate xmas delights!

      Extravagance in taste…. Well I do absolutely adore chocolate be it good or bad for me and there is never a better time to indulge into its divine creamy deep dark taste than at the festive yuletide celebrations. After all once January has arrived and we are all following our New Years resolutions there won’t be a minute spare to think of delicious, dangerous delights of chocolate desert. So to start off the the proceedings I have chosen a classic Christmas log oozing with fresh cream and... Read More


Have you got your Pumpkin yet?

          The humble pumpkin! We all know its soon to be Halloween whether we celebrate the tradition or not but more importantly pumpkins are a delicious ingredient to use in a warming Winter soup, but firstly lets talk about the origins of the humble pumpkin! Th word Pumpkin originates from the Greek word Pepõn and has its origins according to archaeologists to ancient Americas. The first pumpkins were not round rather a crooked neck shape and the early native Americans actually used them as a bases... Read More


Perfect Pimms!

                    When you are in need of refreshment!   Summers here at last and with it comes that’s chance for eating and drinking alfresco, one of our favorite Summertime beverages here at Shirtsleeves is a delicious fruity glass of Pimms. Thirst quenching but still with a slight punch to relax you after a hard days work or play. Don’t panic when you have that bank holiday barbecue all arranged or an afternoon or evening with friends and family for any occasion,... Read More


Summer desserts.

                      Delicious Summer desserts   Well Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate these warmer days and evening than to make a delicious dessert to share with your family and friends. One of my all time favorites is Lemon and ginger cheesecake, bitter sweet…….. So lets get started :- Ingredients 125g  sugar. 2 lemons, finely sliced and zest of one with 3 tbsp of juice. 200g Digestive biscuits. 2 balls of stem ginger in syrup, drained. 75g... Read More